Couldn’t get FORTNITE × Twitch Prime Pack? This might solve your problem!

Hi, I’m a Japanese girl who loves games.

In Japan, we didn’t have the Japanese version of FORTNITE until the 8th of March this year!
Finally they released this awesome fun and exciting game!

I was super excited!

Once I started to play, I quickly became addicted to this battle-royale style of gameplay!!
So I really want to get the skins, back bling…. and more!

Awesome free pack for FORTNITE!

Though I’m still wondering “Am I going to play this game for long time? Should I spend money? hmmm… are there any free skins? I’ll decide another time XD”

And I found the Twitch Prime Pack!!


I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for a long time, so of course I’m a twitch prime member too!

Everything is perfect for me!

I got this awesome free twitch prime pack!
I was so happy and I wanted to share this with everyone who wants to enjoy FORTNITE more!

So I wrote a blog about how to get the Twitch Prime Pack.
Just simple how to blog.

Could’t get the pack? Error showed up?

As soon as I published my blog, I received a comment.

He wrote,

“I couldn’t get the pack. I’ve been trying to get it since yesterday, but no new skins have appeared in my FORTNITE locker. Your blog date is today, did you got it today? Are you sure? I checked the Twitter and looks like a lot of people are having the same problem as me. Some guy sent an Email to Epic, but still no answer.”

I have no idea…
Because I got it with no problem.

I searched in English.

The English version of FORTNITE was released much earlier than the Japanese one, and the Twitch Prime Pack was released on 28th Feb, so I thought maybe there could be some solution in English blog or forum.

And what I found was….

so many people had the same problem and there was no solution yet!

Some potential solutions offered were:

・If you changed the Twitch user name, Epic Games didn’t link properly so change your user name to an old one.
・Make a new Amazon and Twitch account.

The first one might be helpful, but not for all people.
The second one is…. hard work.

I offered these two options to my blog readers, but these didn’t work for them.

And then I found a working solution!!

I could get the pack, and my partner who lives in London also got the pack with no problem. So I didn’t have much to go on…

But the next day, I received another blog comment:

He wrote,

“I hope this might help… I could get the pack when I tried this way…”

and his way was right!

I can’t say this is 100% solution but my blog views are increasing, and some people wrote

“I did that way and solve the problem! Thanks!!”

So I think this is the most effective solution.

This is for the Japanese version, but I thought this might solve other non-Japanese versions too.

Here is the solution.

・Delete Twitch account link from your Epic Games account.
・Change the Epic Games site language to ENGLISH
・Open another tab, go to the twitch site and remove your Epic games account link.
・Change the Twitch site language to ENGLISH
・Click “go to Epic Games” link from Prime loot on twitch.
・Do normal process to get the pack!!

I hope this is not just for the Japanese site.
I guess this will be effective for people who are using the non-English site.

If you could get the Twitch Prime Pack in this way, please share!
And let me know! That would make me happy ;3

I hope everyone can get the pack and enjoy FORTNITE more!!

Thanks for reading (^^)

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